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      TEA recognizes VV as one of the top 26 districts in the state and as one of the top 4 schools in the Valley. Congratulations!!!!     
      TEA recognizes VV as one of the top 26 districts in the state and as one of the top 4 schools in the Valley. Congratulations!!!!     
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Spanish I Lang., Spanish II Language Pre-AP, Spanish III Lang. AP SYLLABUS
2011-2012 INSTRUCTOR: Ms. M. Perez
MATERIALS REQUIRED: audiocassette, AA batteries, construction, paper, scissors, glue, notebook (70 pages), Package of black/blue pen, Box of wood pencils #2, Package of college ruled paper
ROOM #18
CLASS TEXT BOOKS: Spanish 1 Pre-AP Lang. Nuevas Vistas Curso de Introducción, Spanish 2 Pre-AP Nuevas Vistas Curso Uno Spanish 3 AP Nuevas Vistas Curso Dos;
Triangulo, AP Spanish Preparing for the Language Examination (Diaz).
Teaching Strategies: To compete the course objectives the students must speak only in Spanish this can be possible by providing a safe environment within the classroom by setting classroom rules at the beginning and by signing the Spanish Language Contract (syllabus) where parents, students and teachers sign.(Classroom rules) Reglas de la clase: LLegar a tiempo, Seguir instrucciones, Trabajar callados sin interrumpir, Demostrar respeto por la escuela, companeros, maestros y propiedad ajena y Ser educados. Strategies to develop reading, listening and writing skills. Student Evaluation: daily work, quizzes, class participation, projects, six weeks exams, journals and sponge activities. Triangulo, Diaz practices and essays. The students will review the AP Spanish Exam Format and the AP Exam CollegeBoard workshop materials to be prepared for the AP Exam in May. The Advanced Placement Program offers the students the benefit of college level coursework, while still in High School. Benefits of the program: It gives the students a head start on the work they will confront in college, It promotes higher academic standards, the rigor of the course work will help students succeed in college; other benefits: AP students are more likely to maintain a high grade point average in college, AP students are more likely to graduate with honors and are more likely to take additional college courses or post-graduate courses. CLASS ASSIGNEMNTS DESCRIPTION:
This class is composed of lecture, cooperative learning, hand-on activities and actively student participation. Class assignments include: daily focus activities, quizzes, exams, class projects, essays, practice on tape recorders and behavior.
1. Daily Focus Activities/sponge activity: The Daily Focus activities will be written on the chalk board.
2. Homework: Homework will be assigned only if the student does not finish the daily assignment.
3. Notebook: You are required to keep an interactive notebook. The notebook will be graded every six weeks. The notebook stays on the class.
4. Quizzes: You will take a minimum of one quiz per week.
5. Six Week Exam: The six weeks exam is comprehensive and is a customized exam from the 2007 Exam Third Edition AP Language Preparation.
6. Class Projects: One class project is required. Details will be provided for you by the teacher later.
7. Make Up Policy: All make up work or retesting will be provided according to the campus guidelines. See your Students Handbook. Tutoring prior to retesting is highly recommended.
8. Discipline and Dress Code: The student code of conduct and dress code will be observed ad in place in class at all times. All discipline problems will be addressed and corrected. The class period is short and we must utilize the time effectively. Every student has the right to learn and the teacher has the right to teach. It is expected to show respect towards everyone in class.
9. Hall Passes: No passes at any time.
10. Tutoring: Tutoring is available on Thursday from 4:15-5:10 pm, and by other arrangements.
11. Conference Period: My conference period is 3rd period (10:30-11:15)
Parents and students please sign and return this form. Thank you.
Por favor firme esta página y devuélvala a la escuela del estudiante. Muchas gracias.
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