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Parent Welcome Message

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year at Valley View High School.  I am delighted to have your student in my classroom this year and look forward to sharing the school year together with him/her.  As a teacher, I will endeavor to create an educational partnership with you and your child that will foster courage, determination, and passion for knowledge.  In addition to this, my commitment as an educators will be to provide your student with a nurturing and challenging educational environment that will ensure his/her academic success. 
Since attendance and appropriate behavior at school are crucial to the learning process, it is imperative that your son/daughter attends school every day as a mature and responsible student.  During the first week of school, I will be working together with my students to develop a set of classroom rules, rewards and consequences.  Your son/daughter should be on campus no later than 8:25 a.m.  Instruction will begin promptly every day.  If an absence or tardy is unavoidable, your son/daughter will have the opportunity to complete their missed assignments, but nothing can recreate the classroom environment filled with student~teacher interaction when a student is late or absent.

  Through our strong partnership, I will ensure that our common goal to have your son/daughter reach his/her full potential with the standards will be realized.  Please look for future communications regarding behavior policies, classroom rewards and consequences, grading procedures, and daily schedules.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you in advance for both your support and partnership for the upcoming school year.   I look forward to meeting you soon.




Mr. Angel Saenz


History Department/ Grades 10-12
Boys Head Track Coach
Valley View High School
956-340-1500 Ext-2002
"Teamwork is the secret that make common people achieve uncommon results"
- Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha