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Mr. Ochoa's English Class

Welcome to the TSTEM program here at Valley View HS. 
I teach the English 2 Sophomore class and the English 4 Senior class at the TSTEM Early College Campus.
My conference period is 9th period from 3:15 pm to 4:05 pm.
My tutorial days are Mondays from 4:05 pm to 5:00 pm.
If students are absent from class, it is their responsibility to come in on Monday to make up the work for the last seven days. Seniors who have college classes can come in Monday through Friday by appointment with 24-48 hour e-mailed notice based on availability.
Parents:  Every six weeks we read a novel for all my classes, so your son or daughter will have reading/project homework for my class.  I provide a free electronic copy of all the novels we read in class, and students have an option of buying a personal hard copy from Barnes and Noble if they wish.
Sophomore English 2 classes will be taking the EOC STAAR test the last week of March 2018.
Senior English 4 classes will be taking the AP English Literature Exam the first week of May 2018.  
We use a lot of technology in the STEM program which include apps/websites/hardware such as: Chromebooks, Remind, Google Classroom, Swivl robot, iPads, iMovie, eBook readers, app scanners, and Google Docs to name a few.
Parents are encouraged to join Remind so that they can see what students are doing for homework or in class.
To join Remind, send the following text message:
Send @ochoa2020 to 81010 for the Sophomore English 2 Kappa class of 2020.  (Advanced 9th graders join this one)
Send @ochoa2018 to 81010 for the Senior English 4 Theta class of 2018.            (Advanced 11th graders join this one)
Students should join their T-STEM Greek Google Classroom for updates, community service, and announcements from Mr. Guzman and teachers by using your school E-mail.
 9th grade   Lambda class of 2021 code is: n2vd7hk    
10th grade  Kappa class of 2020 code is:   tww743 
11th grade  Iota class of 2019 code is:       8ecx7x5
12th grade  Theta class of 2018 code is:    s154rm
Join Mr. Ochoa's individual English 2 Classes on Google Classroom with the following codes:
1st Pd  -- 
2nd Pd --  
4th Pd  --  
5th Pd  --  
7th Pd  --  
8th Pd  --  
Join Mr. Ochoa's individual English 4 Class on Google Classroom with the following code:
3rd Pd  --