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Welcome to Mr. Romero's Homepage. This website will be used during the school year to reflect test dates and copies of assignments.

MATERIALS: A list of materials has been given at the beginning of the school year. However, materials may be asked of students during the school year for projects or for extra study material.

1.- Respect everyone in the classroom (Teacher, Visitors and Fellow Students)
2.- No food or drink in the classroom
3.- No horseplay
4.- Be on time and with the materials needed for class. Do not ask the teacher to go pick materials outside of the classroom. You should come prepared to class.
5.- Cell phones must be off the entire time.
Next six weeks Exam: TBA (February 17th)
TELPAS Testing window: March 7th - April 6th
Next quiz: Quiz 12 - April 11, 2016
Mr. Romero's conference is during 6th Period (1:15:-2:05). Parents may ask for parent-teacher conferences during this period or may feel free to call at this time to speak with Mr. Romero.