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The Valley View High School Medical Spanish Minor Initiative is relevant because it aligns and prioritizes outlined goals in the Compact to prepare and support students and families from low-income backgrounds for college success. The Initiative challenges students to start preparing for a degree and a career in the medical field with a focus on serving Spanish speaking communities throughout the nation. A greater majority of families served by Valley View High School are low-income and cannot afford to invest monetarily in their children’s participation. Since all Initiative expenses are covered by Valley View ISD, parents are more encouraged to invest their time in support of their children’s efforts to succeed in completing a Medical Spanish Minor while still in high school.  Parents are provided the opportunity to learn about the critical importance of higher education and to directly participate in the process of helping their children to enter and stay in college until they earn a professional degree.


The Valley View High School Medical Spanish Minor Initiative is innovative in that it is the only one of its kind in Texas and the United States that involves a binding Memorandum of Agreement between Valley View ISD and the University of Texas Pan American to establish and sustain advancement of students as they work toward a four-year degree while engaging community investment in providing support for students and their families.


This initiative is creative because students understand their unique opportunity to invest in taking AP Spanish Language and Literature classes and passing AP level tests with high scores.  They are also clear about the expectation of earning a Medical Spanish Minor before they graduate from high school.