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The following are primary Valley View High School Medical Spanish Minor Initiative collaborating partners and their roles/contributions.

1. South Texas College (STC):
• Validates AP Spanish Language and Literature scores.
• Validates AP Spanish courses as dual enrollment classes.
• Established the first two dual enrollment Spanish courses (1311/1312) toward the Medical Spanish Minor.
• Valley View High School teachers with Masters Degree are employed by STC to teach college level Spanish courses (1311/1312, 2311/2312)

2. The University of Texas Pan American (UTPA):
• Developed the proposal with the U.S. Department of Education to implement the appropriate curriculum to establish the Medical Spanish Minor.
• Continues with last four courses (2317, 2318, 3348, and 4348) including the Internship to complete the Medical Spanish Minor).
• Validates the Medical Spanish Minor.