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Business Information Management (BIM)
Instructor: Marta Andaverdi
RM#:  C404
Conference: 2:10-3:00
Phone:  (956) 340-1500
Ext: 2811
As a Business Education Teacher in the Career and Technology Department, I believe my role in the classroom is a facilitator of technology applications and office management skills used in our innovative business field.  I am highly dedicated to challenge and encourage every student to specialize in the concepts of business management, office skills, and office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) in order to increase our students marketability in the business environment. 
It is my goal not only to provide my students with the basic understanding and application of business management, but also to enable them to work with each other in-group settings, be creative, and to effectively communicate their ideas and concerns.  Students should be viewed as individuals that are capable of anything and everything, however, instructors must be able to recognize the abilities, talents, and deficits of their students and systematically work on reducing the deficits and nurturing the talents.  My goal is to provide the learning experience that will enable the student to have the opportunity to effectively compete and excel in the global business environment.