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Meet the Teacher Night/Progress Report Night 9/19/2017

Congratulations Cecilia Valdez  2017 Teacher of the Year!!!!!

2017-2018 Backpack Distribution

Meet the Teacher Night/Progress Report Night 9/19/2017
Meet the Teacher Night/Progress Report Night 9/19/2017

Parent Advisory Committee Meeting

Meet the Teacher Night/Progress Report Night 9/19/2017

Students loading bus with schoool supplies for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Meet the Teacher Night/Progress Report Night 9/19/2017

2017-2018 First Football Peprally

Meet the Teacher Night/Progress Report Night 9/19/2017


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Tumblebook Cloud is ready to go!!!!! Thumbnail Image

Tumblebook Cloud is ready to go!!!!!

TBC is a collection of videos and chapter books in categories which include: Ebooks (Shakespeare, poetry, non-fiction, science, history, geography, etc.), Read-Alongs, Graphic Novels, Videos (from National Geographic!), and Audio Books. Our books feature adjustable text sizes, full narration, and a read-along function which highlights text as it is read. As a subscriber, you have access to lesson plans, quizzes and our Common Core Portal! These features make TBC a great tool for reluctant readers and ESL students. Plus, all these options can be switched to manual so readers can read at their own pace.
Cyberbullying Prevention Thumbnail Image

Cyberbullying Prevention

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.


If you have information about a crime call 843-TIPS (8477). The Tip Line is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your information will be taken in strictest confidence. Anonymity is protected and you never have to give your name.
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Tiger Spotlight

Week 24 Tiger SpotLight Thumbnail Image

Week 24 Tiger SpotLight

This week's Tiger Spotlight goes out to Mr. Antonio De La Rosa. He joined the TSTEM campus this year and is assisting with Algebra 2, Geometry, and our Algebra 1 re-testers. Mr. De La Rosa maintains student engagement by making connections that students can understand. Students are taught to think analytically and apply what they are learning both in the classroom and outside of the school setting. Both students and staff members admire and respect the work ethic that Mr. De La Rosa demonstrates on a daily basis. He has been with our district for over 20 years and continues to be a valued member of the Valley View High School family. Thank you for your continued dedication to our students!
Week 23 Tiger Spotlight Thumbnail Image

Week 23 Tiger Spotlight

This week's Tiger Spotlight shines on Mrs. Marta Andaverdi. Mrs. Andaverdi does an excellent job at coordinating our CoOp students by placing them in our districts' schools providing other administrators with much needed assistance and providing our students with real experiences in the work force. Additionally, she helps our students grow into well-rounded individuals by providing opportunities for them to participate in several good causes such as the Vannie E. Cook campaign, which assists children diagnosed with cancer, as well as the Rio Grande Valley Food Bank. Mrs. Andaverdi's commitment to our students is evident in everything she does; from her daily assignments, to the structure and rigor of her classes, to her assistance during testing. Mrs. Andaverdi, on behalf of our high school, thank you for everything that you do for our students on a daily basis. You truly are appreciated!!
Week 22 Tiger Spotlight Thumbnail Image

Week 22 Tiger Spotlight

This week tiger spotlight goes out to Mr. Epifanio Mora who does an amazing job on a weekly basis keeping his students actively engaged with Pre-Calculus and Calculus learning concepts dealing with derivatives and integrals of functions. Mr. Mora uses various instructional strategies and real word applications of how Calculus is applied in everyday situations. Students utilize technology, hands-on and group activities to grasp and retain these hard concepts. Mr. Mora also works closely with staff and administration to meet the goals we have for our students in order to ensure our students are well prepare. His professionalism attitude, commitment and sincere love to education is evident daily. Mr. Mora's work ethic is exceptional. Keep up the great work!
Week 21 Tiger Spotlight Thumbnail Image

Week 21 Tiger Spotlight

This week's Tiger Spotlight shines bright upon Mr. Ivan De La Rosa who not only sets high educational standards for his learners to reach and exceed, but expects nothing but respect and courtesy out of his students. One only has to enter his classroom to observe a print-rich environment, and will immediately encounter manners that have long been lost to many, but not in his classroom. Congratulations, Mr. De La Rosa, for being a "true teacher" in every sense of the word!
Week 20 Tiger Spotlight Thumbnail Image

Week 20 Tiger Spotlight

This week VVHS tiger spotlight goes out to Mrs. Elizabeth Guzman and Mrs. Maria A. Garcia for doing and outstanding job. Both Mrs. Guzman and Mrs. Garcia are critical components of the counseling dept. and our campus. Their work ethic, professionalism and dedication is exceptional with our students, parents and staff. They both exemplify the Tiger spirit. Keep up the great work Mrs. Guzman and Mrs. Garcia!
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